“tomorrow is always the same”, today whispered
to yesterday-
and yesterday replied with a faint, flat smile-
leaves glistened in the crisp autumn breeze
as they discussed the significance of
hours and years,
lies and eons,
the past and the present-
“tomorrow is actually what you make it”, today remarked
to yesterday after a long pause,
and both agreed in kind-
tomorrow nodded in acceptance and mentioned
to today that yesterday should not be leaned
upon completely,
for today was the leader of the pack-
tomorrow said, “without you, I would not exist”-
“your efforts influence my outcome”-
but he pointed to yesterday and insisted
“you are equally important”, he said, “because
without you, today would not exist-
without your intentions, he would not react-
without his reaction, what could I reveal?”
“we need each other”-
they all unanimously agreed-
“when we work in tandem, a strand of peace
weaves itself within and between us, and life
ensures that we will stride forward intact”-
they all nodded in agreement*


One comment

  1. gypsy

    Tony Reames’ comment on your April 13th piece is really very relevant for this poem – 3 stages coming together to face what’s real and what’s important for a quality life.

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