time is funny-
it, like life, continues taking steps whether
we like it or not-
whether we’re ready,
getting ready,
or not even close-
there is no “wait a minute while i prepare”-
there is no “hold on a sec”-
there is no “wait just a minute”-
it goes and goes,
whether we like it or not-
what do we do then, to counter this?
we adapt-
we adjust-
we accommodate-
we emulate time and keep moving-
we mimic life and continue taking steps-
whether we’re ready or not-
there will be a tomorrow, if we’re lucky-
we can’t stop the train-
or slow the wind-
all we can do is sit back and absorb-
absorb the limitations that come with
accept the reality that is as consistent
as the beating of a heart,
or the tick of a clock-
time is funny-
and we’re all in on the joke-
we’re comedians on our own stage-
spinning our lives like sketches-
and we don’t need an audience-
we don’t need applause,
or laurels-
a sense of humor goes a long way-
being able to laugh away tears-
and smile sorrow clean is a must
in this game-
time gives us winners and losers-
and at some point we’ll be both-
on top of the world,
or bearing the weight of it-
time is funny-
it won’t wait-
none of us can slow the wind*

One comment

  1. Paula Boaz

    This truly hits home. I blinked my eyes & suddenly I’m in my fifties. Can’t believe that 60 is soon knocking on my door. You’re right – we can’t stop time from moving forward. I’m trying to make the most of the last maybe twenty plus years. I also can laugh at portions of my past & cry for other times.

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