Writing Prompt Project – Day 14

Moving right along….

Day 14 – Elvis still gets 100 Valentines each year. Tell about one of the people who sent one.

If you knew little ol’ Gertrude Van Buren, you’d know within the first five minutes of meeting her that she was, and still is, the number one super fan of the legendary Elvis Presley. She’d chat your ear off about her signed records and would gushingly explain how, while in the front row at one of his Memphis shows in ’61, she sobbed her eyes out and fainted when he shook those famous hips of his. Although she was carried out of the show on a stretcher shortly thereafter, she will tell you to this day that being in front of his gyrating crotch was the best time of her life. She was in love, and she’d remind you time and again.

Visiting her house is a veritable shrine to the man; posters, paintings, statues, concert memorabilia, a life sized mannequin complete with white leather, rhinestones, and mutton chop sideburns, and a stack of meticulously and alphabetically arranged records. She’s toured Graceland (12 times), his birthplace in Tupelo, and even hired an Elvis lookalike to strip for her at her bachelorette party. Her first born son (Elvis Ebenezer Hounddog Van Buren) is a proud Elvis impersonator, having performed at numerous regional festivals, while her daughter, Elviscera Memphis Graceland, also keeps the Elvis spirit alive by performing his songs nude at various adult night clubs.

True fans like Gertrude will perpetually remind you that they are true fans; she recently inked her undying adoration on her ankle. A lively tattoo for a very lively and adoring number one Elvis fan.

Check out http://www.concreteorchid.com to learn about Andrea’s Elvis fan!


  1. gypsy11

    OMG! You had me cracking up! These folks at work are looking at me like I’m crazy! I love Gertrude’s children’s names and their professions. Gary, you are a hoot!

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