what do you want to be?

when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? i wanted to be a doctor and a major, like my father, and would proclaim it loudly to the world. i really had no idea what it meant to be a doctor or a major in the armed forces, but it sure did sound cool. every boy loves guns and battle, so the major part sounded cool (especially since i was a huge G.I. Joe fan); and the doctor bit just sounded very important. on the flip side, i wanted to be a truck driver (just thought i’d mention that). it’s funny to think about wild childhood dreams, and how much they change as years pass, interests change, and reality hits. as i got older, my interests completely changed. i retained my interest in guns and battle, but didn’t want to join the military to enjoy them. i no longer wanted to be a doctor, as blood just seemed too bloody, and way too sloppy. by the time high school hit, i was clueless as to what i wanted to be. i entered college with the vague idea of marketing and advertising (which would still be cool), but ended up with history degree (which led me to a job in telecommunications). i love thinking about the freedom of the child’s mind; children aspire to be whatever they want. they are completely unaware of the hurdles that will inevitably cross their paths, and the challenges that they will ultimately face. it’s so easy for a kid to want to be something, and that’s great. but it’s harder for those dreams to translate well for the adult mind. we allow so many things to get in the way of who we want to be, and where we really need to be. we allow so many elements to serve as excuses for why we’re not leading the lives that we’re meant to lead. reality is just that; it’s real. but it’s really what we make it. think back to your childhood. what did you want to be? is that dream attainable? or did “real life” get in the way of where you want to be?



  1. Subhanallah

    WOW! when I read your musings, I realize what a deep thinker you are. Your writings are Proverbs and should be published as such. A person can read your prose and actually make real life decisions based on your intuitive teachings. Amazing.
    Well as a child I wanted to be a Mortician, simply because my God mother’s friend was one and in the ’50’s women were either Mothers, teachers, or nurses, definitely not a mortician. None of the occupations of above mentioned females apealed to me like Ms. Katie Williams. Whenever she visited my Godmother who lived next door to our family, I was called down for her to speak with me (I was about 10) and she knew what my dream was. This woman drove up in a long black Cadillac , it was rare to even see a woman driving a car, much less a cadillac. She looked so regal with her erect posture and perfect strde as she carried her leather brief case, I mean the lady looked like a million bucks. But as I grew older and really understood the duties of a Mortician, the glamour faded and the dream dimmed. But had I followed that dream, I would be a multi-millionaire today with the rate of deaths of our youth. I would be sad, but wealthy nevertheless. So I’m happy with the path I chose! Not much money, but happy nonetheless….

    • gypsy

      i wish i could remember what i wanted to be when i was 10. i have absolutely no recollection. i must have wanted to be something, because every kid has a dream to “one day be……..” if i could remember, maybe i wouldn’t be doing a thousand things yet perfecting none of them. i just wish i could remember….

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