Pale moonlight whispered through the blinds
like warm breath into January air-
a thick, swirling melody that danced like
a translucent ballerina before my eyes,
full of spectral blue grace
and midnight mystery-
it crept in slowly as l lay in bed pre dream,
and swept over me like the silken comfort
of an old quilt, or the familiar warmth of a
tender companion-
my salvation lay there in front of me
like a tempest, a thousand dreams rolled
into one, a thousand dreams tempting
me into a darkened glade,
that wondrous, oft visited void,
so beautiful to gaze into,
so rich with scents of autumn and
laughter, and eyes bright with smiles-
but I found myself halted by the fear of
stepping into the undergrowth,
and there I stood, frozen at the edge of
pale moonlight whispered through the blinds
like warm breath into January air, and there I
was, a prisoner of my dreams,
suspended in a web of mist and
blinded by it as it billowed into a fog-
the laughter faded, and the smiling eyes dimmed into
dusky shadows-
I awoke, and like laser beams from an old sci-fi film,
those threads of light permeated my thoughts-
all day, I thought about their meaning-
I drifted back to that dream time and again,
revisiting the haunting images and savoring them
as they lingered about in my memory
begging to be decoded-
I closed my eyes, and I was there again in a daydream,
alone at the edge, the smell of pine knocking on the
door of my memory, the soft ping of laughter echoing
off the bristling pines-
there I stood,
hoping to lose myself completely in the stillness of
that fog*


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