With clouds in his eyes,
he stood there in the field gaping
at the plane overhead-
a tiny fleck of shimmering steel
glinting against the afternoon sun,
with a billowing white tail stretching
the full length of the sky-
he stood there watching it trace its path and
dissipate slowly into the rich blue,
until it was no more-
such a powerful force that plane must have been
as it hurtled through the sky, arrow straight,
until it was enveloped by the clouds-
he thought about that for a moment-
the plane,
the passengers,
the excitement,
the mystery-
the thrill of being on that flight,
the adventure of being blasted into
the unknown-
that youthful sense of amazement
filled his head with all sorts of dreams,
and the spark that only age seems to dim-
he stood there for a moment, the thick grass
gently brushing against his ankles,
the warm wind whistling through the leaves behind
and whispered to himself of the journeys
that he would one day take,
and the mysteries that he would one day solve-
with clouds in his eyes, he smiled,
and went back to his play*


One comment

  1. gypsy11

    I hope that his dreams have been fulfilled, are being fulfilled, will be fulfilled. The imagination of a child is powerful. beautifully written.

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