Just because you can’t see the stars,
doesn’t mean they aren’t there-
the moon concedes the sky to the sun
for a time,
but it will return again-
just because you can’t feel the breeze,
doesn’t mean it isn’t blowing-
step outside and close your eyes
and remind yourself that it is real-
it’s easy to forget that birds still sing,
that crickets chirp,
or that squirrels scurry loudly-
it’s easy to forget how warm the sun is
when you only see it from beyond a window-
it’s easy to forget how bright it is,
when it’s replaced by fluorescent bulbs
for the bulk of a day-
computer clicks cannot replace cricket chirps,
and the ringing of a desk phone can never
replace the proud call of a bird-
send yourself packing-
step outside and remember*


One comment

  1. gypsy11

    every miracle (birds chirping, summer breeze, moon conceding to the sun, sun conceding to the moon and back again) is a change in perception. thanks for the reminder gary.

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