The sky’s gradients gave
me pause-
I stood mesmerized at the distant sunlight
giving way to the night,
a careful blend of different times-
the gold of late afternoon
being enveloped by the blue green of early
both surrendering to the deep ocean blue
of night,
the palette flecked with a smattering of pale,
independent stars-
it gave me pause, as it does every night-
all of life seems to drift from afternoon,
to evening,
to night,
in the form of birth, life, and death,
start, race, finish,
beginning, middle, and end-
it all ends up in that deep pool,
flecked with bits of enigma
and independent stars
sprinkled about like memories,
goals, and random desires-
our own private canvas,
each meaning tailor made to the viewer-
I read my life in those threads of blues, and
greens, and golds,
night and day,
as independent and mysterious as the stars
above, bright and scattered, and ever present*


One comment

  1. gypsy11

    ….and then there are as many shades of those colors, specks, sprinkles, experiences, memories, desires as there are individuals. i enjoyed the visualization.

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