You can’t outrun it-
it’s just too quick-
fear is a sprinter-
fear is a bulldozer,
an earth mover-
if you choose to line up with it
it’ll blaze your trail for you-
fear is generous-
fear will give back to you what you feed
once the race starts, fear will pace you,
side by side, neck and neck,
then toy with you a bit-
it’ll slow down and jog behind,
then dart ahead and turn around to
wave at you,
always 3 steps ahead,
paving the path that you’ll have to
you’ll end up running the trail that
it carved just for you-
don’t let it gape at you, smiling,
with you trailing behind, huffing and puffing and
thinking that you can sprint beyond it-
take a sharp left,
dart a quick right…and keep going…
then stop and wait-
fear is a detective-
it’ll sniff you out, and when it does,
look it right in the eye,
and stand your ground like a stone-
fear is also a coward,
and the mere whiff of your determination will
set it running, fast, in the direction that
it came-
find your own road then and don’t look
fear is bold, but fear is a quitter,
it runs from you when you stop running
from it*


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