Poems – Once More Unto the Breach.

Today’s positive message; keep on trying.   Are you working on something, but have lost the mojo to continue?  Keep on trying.  Stuck in a rut like quicksand and can’t pull out of it?  Keep on trying.  Wanting to turn around and give up the fight?  C’mon…keep on trying.  Smile.  Take a glance at the poem below if you wish (and have a minute or five); good day/evening to you all, and thanks for dropping by.



  1. lonadeanna

    Brilliant piece Gary 👏🏼 And do you know ( well.. you probably do being a history enthusiast ) but Henry’s first battle (before he was king) was not against the French, but the English. Infact it was almost his first and last as he suffered an arrow shot in the face, missed his brain and spinal cord. But ” once more unto the breach” so to speak… as he survived it…and lived to fight yet another victorious battle. All without an anaesthetist back in the day. 🙈😂😊

    • wyco

      He lived a very extraordinary life…he defied the odds, and thrived. His story is one to look up to…the concept of survival and fearlessness in the face of crazy odds is inspiring. And all without anesthetics! Thanks for reading!

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