Library Lusting.

We grab our selected books…we kick back with our drink of choice…and then we ooze into a soft chair and dive eyes first into the beautiful sea of words.  How awesome would it be if this were the room, and these were the chairs?  I was instantly drawn to this room due to its hidden fort sort of vibe; it has a rugged and rustic charm that plays well with the simplicity of its added comforts.  A quaint, sturdy little space seemingly tucked away gently from the rest of the home, plush chairs nestled under a sunlit window, and an army of books standing at attention.  I’ll take it.  This is a book lover’s room.



    • wyco

      You and I are on the same page…nothing virtual can recreate the feel and smell of a good ‘real’ book. And nothing beats a great spot to enjoy it in! Thanks for dropping by and checking out the post!

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