Library Lusting.

Size, sunlight, and class…this space has it all.  A monumental double height room, flooded with ample natural light and stacked to the rafters with books (and a neat little workspace tucked away on the upper level), this is the ultimate getaway from the noise and stressors of the world.  The perfect place to relax, release, and rebound.  Let the daydreams commence.



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    I imagine a personal library as more intimate, crammed with books and comfy spaces, suffused with natural light (candle-yellow) during the day, and yet a space that’s always a little dim — just enough to cloud your vision if mind’s eye decides to take flight suddenly. At night it’s filled by limited reading lamps, again so that darkness allows the imagination to supply the lighted pictures. But, honestly, I would not complain if the pictured library were mine! Thanks for the daydream 🙂

    • wyco

      Thanks for dropping by and checking it out! The spaciousness of this room, and the minimal aspects of it, are pretty striking.

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