Essential Egon.

Sonnenbaum, 1910.

Essential Egon is a weekly post dedicated to celebrating the work of a fearless artist who was capable of translating the colors of the human soul. Check him out. 



  1. Tricia

    Do you know the meaning of this piece, the name? I tried looking it up but didn’t yield any results explaining it. It seems to be a family name?

    • wyco

      Sonnenbaum means sun tree in German…or sunny tree; he may have been going for that, or perhaps a deeper, more subdued meaning. I do like the colors on this one, though.

      • Tricia

        Ok. Thanks for the clarity. I like the colors as well. I have a vision of it being on a wall with a couch facing it for me to sit in with a glass of wine to drink as I stare at it. I feel I could meditate while looking at his work.

  2. Tricia

    That is how his work helps me to feel. I think I will save some images from online as wallpaper or screensavers. This is when I would appreciate having a serious cash flow to purchase an original.

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