Poems – Uphill Climbing.

Sometimes, we just have to sketch our own stories. Be well, and thanks for reading.



  1. Chris

    I love it cousin, you capture the heart and mind with the pure essence of your words. Keep writing brother, keep speaking from your soul

  2. A Quiver of Quotes

    I read somewhere recently (in a piece of fiction, W. H. Gass I think) that Locke has got it wrong, it wasn’t the human mind that was a tabula rasa, but the human soul: one inscribed it with one’s moral choices. In your case it’s the world that’s blank! Nice 🙂

    • wyco

      Ahhh…the human soul as a tabula rasa…that’s a fun concept to think about. There’s a lot of truth in that; I do think that we all have the power to, in many ways, shape our lives. It seems easier said than done, and almost seems cinematic, but I think that we do have a degree of control based on choices, decisions, willpower, etc. This world is a big, beautiful place, just waiting to be discovered…we all have the power try our best to understand and enjoy it!

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