Library Lusting.

Some rooms are cozy…some are minimally sparse…some evoke peace, some exude class…others just make you want to get down to business.  This week’s space would inspire me to get all old school and break out the typewriter (yes, typewriter), light the ol’ pipe, throw a few ice cubes in the tumbler, and get to work.  It’s a slightly cramped, lived in space, but it’s that worn ambiance that gives it a dose of true character.  This room has seen and heard many stories; this room has life.  It’s certainly a book lover’s room.  Let the daydreams commence.  



    • wyco

      There’s nothing like the library, right? Even in this digital age, nothing beats the feel and the smell of a book. You’re right, the library is needed! Thanks for reaching out!

      • johncoyote

        I am in a poetry group at the library. Young children go in the mornings. Have activities. Old folks and young children need a place to go and is safe. You are welcome.

      • wyco

        You’re right…the library should ALWAYS be a safe space. There’s so much to be gained that it’s a win win. That’s an awesome idea!

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