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From the Vaults -4-24-12 + Drawing, by Guy Farley

i see you in my every day-
in the pale moon that i watch from the window
as i drift to sleep-
i see you-
hiding behind my lids just before i open my
i inhale you as i raise my arms to stretch
wide and yawn deeply-
i feel you in every step i take-
your face is reflected in the gentle ripples
wading the surface of my morning coffee-
in the rising steam that tickles my nose as i
tip my cup to take a sip-
your aroma mingles intricately with the
scents and flavors of my lunch-
i taste you and savor you with every bite-
you are everywhere-
you are my every day-
the fruit orange sun that peers over the
horizon and greets me every morning-
the 5 o’clock sky that i gaze into each night
on the walk to my car-
you are woven tightly between my thoughts-
i cannot help but see you in every step i take-
the engine that keeps the gears
turning in tune-
the force that keeps the wheels spinning
time and again-
the droplet of water that reached the
thirsty root,
propelled it to the surface, and taught it
how to breathe-
every face has your name-
smiling encouragement with each
everywhere i go, i’m reminded that you
flow through my veins like underground water
from a pure and ever present source-
my days are full because of it-
because of you-
because of you*

Drawing – Guy Farley



I dreamed of you again, but
this time you didn’t return with
I asked the sun where you were,
and the moon…
they only smiled and pointed
in all directions-
everywhere, they silently implied-
I looked around then, and saw you
in the ruggedness of the rocks,
resilient and strong and robust,
your cracks a beautiful disturbance..
I saw you in the elegance of the trees,
the wind dancing through the leaves
like fingers through your hair,
your shape made lovely by the
lines of your growth-
I saw you in the sky,
an ever evolving painting
whose brilliance knows no end-
I asked the sun where you were, and the
moon…they smiled, and so did I.

-G. Boston