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Poems – We are Trees.

Just a little wordplay here. Best of wishes to all, and thanks for reading.


Essential Egon.

There’s a great, organic simplicity here…autumn is profoundly represented in the solitude of the tree, and in the solemnity of the gray sky.  They play well off of one another.  Quintessential Schiele, this one.  Thanks for taking a look…Enjoy! 
Small Tree in Late Autumn, 1911.

Essential Egon is a weekly post dedicated to celebrating the work of a fearless artist who was capable of translating the colors of the human soul.  Check him out. 

Simple Beauty.


I dreamed of you again, but
this time you didn’t return with
I asked the sun where you were,
and the moon…
they only smiled and pointed
in all directions-
everywhere, they silently implied-
I looked around then, and saw you
in the ruggedness of the rocks,
resilient and strong and robust,
your cracks a beautiful disturbance..
I saw you in the elegance of the trees,
the wind dancing through the leaves
like fingers through your hair,
your shape made lovely by the
lines of your growth-
I saw you in the sky,
an ever evolving painting
whose brilliance knows no end-
I asked the sun where you were, and the
moon…they smiled, and so did I.

-G. Boston