Tagged: shadow


She found him there, lost within the
shadow of himself,
stolen by the gaze of his unrelenting sun-
she mended his wilted petals, and sheltered
him from the ruddy embrace of his drought…
she was the sip that he’d never tasted,
the wine that he’d been too afraid to drink*


Impressions left on the green knoll
in June,
your youth sprinkled upon the grass
like dismantled wildflowers,
a smattering of muted color set upon the
heather like a canvas in wait-
your kiss sang on the wind like so many
birds heaving their pride into the weave
of the afternoon…
you blinked,
and the door opened to a foreverworld
cast in the stone of the ancients,
a delicate permanence spread wide like a glittering empire
before my eyes, but only for an instant-
verdant dreams sway on the minutes of June
like grass scattering on the breeze,
impressions left on the knoll like the shadow of your
muted color set upon the warmth like a canvas awaiting
its soul*