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You touch upon me like a whisper
to willing lips, and weave a melody heard
between us only-
you must know that the skies are bluer
when your arms are wrapped around
and that when you look at me,
the mountains kiss the sky,
and the sea glitters like a bed of liquid
I see the sun through your eyes,
and through that lens the world is
a masterpiece that forces me to
shake my head in disbelief-
I can only close my eyes under the
weight of it,
and when I do, you always seem
to appear*

-G. Boston


Where are you, he asked into the
rain, crashing against him like a thousand
liquid stones-
where are you, he whispered into the night as
his words deftly weaved through the droplets,
cascading down like threads of crystal yarn-
his words met her mouth like a tempest,
words heaved heavily into the air, words that
crept as gently as frozen December breath-
she was lost, he realized
as she pressed close–
run to me when you are lost, he said, and
I will be your beacon in the night,
your end point, and your
starting line-
run to me when the world dilutes your
and I will shield you from the storm…
yet stand with you in the rain*


She found him there, lost within the
shadow of himself,
stolen by the gaze of his unrelenting sun-
she mended his wilted petals, and sheltered
him from the ruddy embrace of his drought…
she was the sip that he’d never tasted,
the wine that he’d been too afraid to drink*