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I followed the spirals of the galaxy through the mirror of
your eyes-
a flight amongst the stars,
past the cold mountains of yesterday
pockmarked with the gashes and scars of their
floating in solidity and alone in a mass of
collective silence-
I drifted to the origin,
the rupture that began with a tremble,
the tremble that rumbled to a tremor,
the tremor that roared across the black
like a brush coated with a pigment as
red as the blush on your lips-
I flew to a fracture of the first second
and was blinded by the absence of time,
the absence of sound,
and the smallness of the moment encapsulated
within a grain of mystery-
I soared the spirals of the galaxy
within the comfort of your eyes,
a flight amongst the stars
and among the stone sentinels,
through to the origin and weaved
within the first breath-
I wondered what was beyond the wall*