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Library Lusting.

This room…is library heaven. 



What I saw, I did not just see,
and what was felt was felt beyond
beyond reason and comprehension-
what I heard struck me in ways
that I didn’t know existed,
and what I learned will last a
look to the sky and close your
join it in solitude for just a
what will you learn when you
set aside your fears?
courage is a set of wings
determined to meet the

-G. Boston


The sun glinted off of the window in a soft, muted
and crept through the slats of the shutters
with a deliberately dreamy patience-
I awoke gently, silent and calm,
as if I’d slept for just a moment only-
I lay there in the room,
knitting thoughts like a patchwork quilt,
weaving decisions in and through like
a thousand tiny seams…
lost, yet grounded-
found, but drifted into the solitary end of the frame-
thoughts of you whisked up a wind in the stillness
as you danced and swirled into sentences muttered
into the echoes-
thoughts of you danced past stolen hopes
and charged to the forefront,
where the grass was thick and verdant, and the sky
kissed down in rains of cobalt and rebirth, and the breeze
dusted off of the trees in melodies of blooming laughter-
the day began then,
as the sun arose and whispered through the shutters
in hues of pale yellow and hollow gray,
but you were there, as I lay alone with my patchwork
you were there at the forefront,
the mast that kept me grounded,
the seam that held the world so tight-
the solitary edge of the frame that was fit for us alone,
under the cobalt sky, kissed by the rains of rebirth*


I followed the spirals of the galaxy through the mirror of
your eyes-
a flight amongst the stars,
past the cold mountains of yesterday
pockmarked with the gashes and scars of their
floating in solidity and alone in a mass of
collective silence-
I drifted to the origin,
the rupture that began with a tremble,
the tremble that rumbled to a tremor,
the tremor that roared across the black
like a brush coated with a pigment as
red as the blush on your lips-
I flew to a fracture of the first second
and was blinded by the absence of time,
the absence of sound,
and the smallness of the moment encapsulated
within a grain of mystery-
I soared the spirals of the galaxy
within the comfort of your eyes,
a flight amongst the stars
and among the stone sentinels,
through to the origin and weaved
within the first breath-
I wondered what was beyond the wall*