i’ve been on a very nostalgic kick lately; for the past 4 or 5 years, actually. i’m semi-obsessed with recapturing and re-thinking elements of my past; people, places, things. nothing is exempt. i think of old friends, old family, old coworkers, old vacations, old outings, old toys, old electronics, old music, old everything. for some reason, i became keenly aware of the fleeting aspects of time when i hit the age of 18, and i was and still am truly dumbfounded by the pace of it. the years between 18 and now (i just turned 30 on Feb. 20th) have been almost unbelievably fast. i mean, inexplicably lightning fast. turning 30 was not as catastrophic as i had envisioned though; it arrived rather smoothly and expectedly. i don’t think my nostalgic quest has anything to do with my being 30, but my getting older has everything to with it. each year seems to bring me farther away from those smiles, laughs, and ‘good old times’, but i think that solidifies the greatness of them. the fact that they’ve lived in my thoughts for so long really makes them special, and reinforces the fondness and respect that i have for them. i just need to remember the importance of living in the present; creating new memories to complement the old ones, and setting the pace for the multitude of future ‘good ol’ times’.


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