pebbles of life.

a rock in your hand-
your life, pebbles of dust in your
small bits of happiness-
plentiful particles-
thousands of miniscule grains
combining to form a goal-
a vision-
all within the weathered crevasses
of your grip-
squeeze tightly-
build pressure-
tighten those pebbles of dust in your
until they exlpode like a geyser-
and rush out like a waterfall-
reach deeply-
grasp at what you seek-
fill your hands with these little bits
of happiness-
fill your hands with tiny bits of life-
until those grains spill out onto the
earth of your choosing*


One comment

  1. gypsy

    this reminds me of the many emotions an individual experiences in life – all the ups and downs, ins and outs until one finally tires of the extremes and decides to seek a more balanced life. it’s amazing how the whole world changes (or your perception of the world) when you make a decision to choose something different for yourself.

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