not the loose kind that jingles freely in a pocket,
comes in many different forms-
not the stackable, foldable paper kind, but the kind
that awakens a new way of seeing-
a catalyst of self reflection,
the kind that invites the possibility of reform-
not the sort that politicians bicker over
but the kind that promotes an entirely
new way of thinking-
not the mundane type that we’re conditioned to doing,
the stale, dust laden standard of thought
that we all tend to stick to,
that ‘I already know this’ mentality that is
the basis for stagnation,
but a fresh slate-
a clean beginning-
even if it requires going to the back of
the line and starting over from scratch-
not the kind that is the product of a
persistent itch,
but the kind that symbolizes a willingness
to return to the root and try things from
a different perspective-
the years grow bigger, then
so should our dreams*


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