Poems – Just Be Positive.

We’ve all had bad days, right?  They come with the territory…they’re just a simple (well, not always so simple) fact of life.  It sounds easy, but we have to take them at face value and not allow a bad day to become a bad few days.  Let it all end when the eyes close at night, then wake up with a new perspective.  Here’s a few words to accompany what I’m saying…nothing fancy, nothing too poetic (well, not poetic at all), just having some fun with a nice little mantra to mutter when things aren’t going as we’d like.  Just a little something that I (and hopefully you as well) could use.  Blessings to you today!



  1. lonadeanna

    Not poetic at all?

    Well I’m about to punch some extra positivity into this poem right now by saying that the first word alone is Poetic. Just like the word love, try saying it without feeling something. Life. It’s poetic. 😊

  2. gypsy11

    Thanks for the reminder. And thanks to lonadeanna for reminding us not to second guess ourselves.

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