Library Lusting.

I’ll admit it; many of the spaces featured here each week are not quite (ok, not at all) immediately attainable for the normal folks like myself.  But…that’s where the daydream aspect comes into play.  However, it’s fun to feature more true to life spaces when I come across them.  This week’s space is just that.  Attainable, asthetic, fun, colorful, unique, creative, bold, and bright.  I threw all of those words at it because it is a great example of how a love of books can visually transform a room and provide deep character.  This is definitely a book lover’s room.  Let the daydreams commence.  



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    I like the artwork in addition to the books, but I’m not so sure about the stuffed bird … (Even if it’s fake.)
    Are those CDs lower left, and records on the right? Nice. Oh and there’s the kitchen in the background (maybe?) to make all that nice hot cocoa and milk and tea 🙂

    • wyco

      I’d probably do without the bird as well…there are plenty of living ones outside to look at! This home definitely doesn’t lack for comfort…there’s tons of music in different formats, and you’re right, an awesome kitchen to whip up some good stuff to enjoy while hanging out in this fun space.

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