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Here’s my take on a 12 word story writing challenge; enjoy! 




Meet me where the blue sky ends,
where the tree line tumbles into the arms
of tomorrow-
meet me where the citrus sun kisses the
earth on its slow retreat,
the blue place where the moon yawns and
rises each night from its slumber-
meet me at the point of imagination,
the spot where wonder blends with
where there is no beginning,
no end…
meet me at the point where all things
are possible,
those beautiful coordinates that
tie all paths together-
lose yourself with me on those roads-
meet me where the sky ends…
walk beside me on that trail,
and let us tumble together into the
arms of tomorrow*


Where are you, he asked into the
rain, crashing against him like a thousand
liquid stones-
where are you, he whispered into the night as
his words deftly weaved through the droplets,
cascading down like threads of crystal yarn-
his words met her mouth like a tempest,
words heaved heavily into the air, words that
crept as gently as frozen December breath-
she was lost, he realized
as she pressed close–
run to me when you are lost, he said, and
I will be your beacon in the night,
your end point, and your
starting line-
run to me when the world dilutes your
and I will shield you from the storm…
yet stand with you in the rain*


The sun glinted off of the window in a soft, muted
and crept through the slats of the shutters
with a deliberately dreamy patience-
I awoke gently, silent and calm,
as if I’d slept for just a moment only-
I lay there in the room,
knitting thoughts like a patchwork quilt,
weaving decisions in and through like
a thousand tiny seams…
lost, yet grounded-
found, but drifted into the solitary end of the frame-
thoughts of you whisked up a wind in the stillness
as you danced and swirled into sentences muttered
into the echoes-
thoughts of you danced past stolen hopes
and charged to the forefront,
where the grass was thick and verdant, and the sky
kissed down in rains of cobalt and rebirth, and the breeze
dusted off of the trees in melodies of blooming laughter-
the day began then,
as the sun arose and whispered through the shutters
in hues of pale yellow and hollow gray,
but you were there, as I lay alone with my patchwork
you were there at the forefront,
the mast that kept me grounded,
the seam that held the world so tight-
the solitary edge of the frame that was fit for us alone,
under the cobalt sky, kissed by the rains of rebirth*