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I understand you,
but I won’t believe you-
and though I will listen,
I’ll refuse to hear you-
my goals flow wild and ravenous,
hungry like a tempestuous river overflowing its
my truths are written in starlight,
penned long before my eyes first
sparkled under their audacious glow-
I cannot listen to the sour notes of naysayers,
steeped in doubt,
or the words of those without the sinew to retain
the weight of their objectives,
or the honesty of their ambition…
I believe in the certainty of natural truths-
in the verity of star notes-
the universal paths that we were born into-
the truth beyond the sunrise,
and the explanation behind the origin–
what we’ve been called to do,
what the dust whispered into our ears at birth,
in the language that only children seem to understand,
a tongue that we rediscover only when our purpose has been found,
our destination recovered-
we become fluent then-
and it is then that we should begin to hear-
it is then that we will need to believe*


I lifted the leaf from the ground one cold October day,
a gift for you-
just an ordinary leaf
made beautiful by the deep blush of autumn that it wore proudly on its delicate skin-
just a quick splash of red on a canvas so hungry for color,
a single five pointed bouquet veined with the spirit of another life-
I was reminded on that day that
beauty lives in the steady breaths of the sky,
its mists ever painted in swirling silver…
we’ve got to see it in order to feel it,
we have to feel it in order to live it-
I found it that day on the arms of a brittle crimson star,
an uncommon reminder of the things that we often forget…
just an ordinary gift to you on an ordinary October day,
a reminder to keep your eyes open, your senses fresh,
and your heart ever ready*


The sun baked my skin like ancient clay,
and I inhaled each scant breeze as if it were my last breath…
and there you stood, eyes radiating warmer than the August afternoon,
a lone flower amid the swirling dust-
I forgot in that instant about the sun,
about the heat,
and my lungs and eyes quickened at the spark of you-
I inhaled you like a lilac in spring,
and drank in the picture of your soul as if it were the last drink I’d ever take-
alive, I was,
awakened by radiance,
stunned by the simple ferocity of your countenance,
elegant and calm as a midnight star-
awake, I was then*