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Poems from the Vault – The Leaf.

Autumn is right around the corner (finally); here’s a piece meant to rustle up the leaves in all of us.  Enjoy.  Stay creative.


Essential Egon.

There’s a great, organic simplicity here…autumn is profoundly represented in the solitude of the tree, and in the solemnity of the gray sky.  They play well off of one another.  Quintessential Schiele, this one.  Thanks for taking a look…Enjoy! 
Small Tree in Late Autumn, 1911.

Essential Egon is a weekly post dedicated to celebrating the work of a fearless artist who was capable of translating the colors of the human soul.  Check him out. 


I lifted the leaf from the ground one cold October day,
a gift for you-
just an ordinary leaf
made beautiful by the deep blush of autumn that it wore proudly on its delicate skin-
just a quick splash of red on a canvas so hungry for color,
a single five pointed bouquet veined with the spirit of another life-
I was reminded on that day that
beauty lives in the steady breaths of the sky,
its mists ever painted in swirling silver…
we’ve got to see it in order to feel it,
we have to feel it in order to live it-
I found it that day on the arms of a brittle crimson star,
an uncommon reminder of the things that we often forget…
just an ordinary gift to you on an ordinary October day,
a reminder to keep your eyes open, your senses fresh,
and your heart ever ready*


Summer drifts behind the clouds
as the autumn sheds its skin
and howls wildly into the crisp of the
night air-
the moon shines upon the winter
while spring slumbers and dreams of
the yellow tint of April-
seasons linger and fall like the rushing
years drift along the wind like the scattering
of a thousand leaves…
another gone, another sleeping patiently,
waiting for its time to open eager eyes-
we all drink from the same cup,
our wine as sweet as our intention*


Much Love and Respect to all.
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Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015!