Library Lusting.

Something about this week’s space conjures warmth. Warm, calm feelings. Afternoon sunshine, coffee, tea, friends and family. It’s a simple space with small, thoughtful details, subtle accouterments, and large glass, allowing the nature to slip in seamlessly. There’s quiet here, and peace. And books. Let the daydreams commence.



  1. Da Pu

    Nice pic…at least its not a snowy terrain with a fire lit in the background!! Lol Good job, Friend. You’re letting it be Summer!! Of course, your writing is always on point. Wish I could get lost for a few hours in that library.

    • wyco

      I’m gearing up to get the snow pics back in full effect! Better get ready…..
      Thanks for always giving some feedback! I appreciate it and hope that all is well on your end!

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