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Poems from the Vault – The Leaf.

Autumn is right around the corner (finally); here’s a piece meant to rustle up the leaves in all of us.  Enjoy.  Stay creative.



A Slice of Asian Poetry.

‘When you look at the moon in Wu-Chow, think of me one thousand li distant.’ – Li┬áPo

‘In fall, the willow tree recalls its bygone glory.’ – Namagusai Tazukuri




Summer drifts behind the clouds
as the autumn sheds its skin
and howls wildly into the crisp of the
night air-
the moon shines upon the winter
while spring slumbers and dreams of
the yellow tint of April-
seasons linger and fall like the rushing
years drift along the wind like the scattering
of a thousand leaves…
another gone, another sleeping patiently,
waiting for its time to open eager eyes-
we all drink from the same cup,
our wine as sweet as our intention*


Much Love and Respect to all.
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