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You touch upon me like a whisper
to willing lips, and weave a melody heard
between us only-
you must know that the skies are bluer
when your arms are wrapped around
and that when you look at me,
the mountains kiss the sky,
and the sea glitters like a bed of liquid
I see the sun through your eyes,
and through that lens the world is
a masterpiece that forces me to
shake my head in disbelief-
I can only close my eyes under the
weight of it,
and when I do, you always seem
to appear*

-G. Boston


Like ships laden with cargo, we voyage with packed holds
deep into the belly of the unknown,
an eager armada robust with the vigor of exploration
and the scintillation of mystery,
calm under the tremble of uncertainty and the
trickle of trepidation-
our nostrils flared and full,
lungs satiated with the rush-
what adventure awaits beyond the spray…
sea foam skies wash within the clouds like a high tide
still life,
intention spoken on letters of green and blue-
words without end, thoughts without aim,
swirling around our feet like the rushing sea,
our tale penned gently and tucked tightly in the bottle cast out
into the wide blue fields,
our souls forever woven in its ink*